These beautiful big and chubby dude have spots skin and mouth look like a.... whatever your imagination is they are cool to have. 

4” pot. Shipped bare roots or in pot and ship random. 

Conophytums are winter growers and this cool/cold weather is when they know it’s time to wake up and growing. Their flowers looks like or similar to fiber optic light wand. Very unique. Available in last photo. 

Care tips:
Soil- lot of grits. If you buy cactus soil from store use a sifter to get just the fine matter and mix a bit of that with a lot of perlite or pumice and fine grits like lava rocks. 

☀️ Filter sun. 
💦 Water one every 4 weeks after the first time and water it thoroughly. However, it is depending on other things like how fast soil get dry, how good is your soil drainage, weather and where it is located. PAY ATTENTION is what you need at the beginning then treat Conophytums like lithops with very little care and watering. The drier their feet are the better.

Conophytum truncatum


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